Bob Dylan compiles list of top pyjama sets his owned

The original rolling stone, ever touring Bob Dylan has surprised fans by releasing a detailed list of his favourite pyjama sets.

The list spans Dylan’s(aged 74), five decade career. The former member of The Traveling Wilburys has been working on the list for the past year and said “It’s hard man, it’s a hard task to chose one pyjama top from another, striped, plain, leopard skin, collared or collar less; everyone means something to someone or nothing to no one”.

Highlights include Dylan’s first owned bedclothes, a red checked long sleeve and loose fitting bottoms set; to a white silk set he received as a Christmas present from fellow pyjama enthusiast and fan, the late Apple Computers founder Steve Jobs.

Ponies say ‘Strike action is the last resort, we’ve been driven to this’

Huge disruptions to pony services are expected to cause havoc to seaside rides and children’s parties this Thursday as talks between Ponies Unions(PU) and and the Ponies owners society(POS) broke down late last night. Ponies want to protect their right to oppose a rise in working hours, arguing it “would spoil the balance between work and social life”. “It’s not about money it’s about a healthy work, life balance” said a spokesman for PU.

Uses for ponies have greatly decreased in recent years, as faster, more enjoyable models of small horse have entered the market. It’s estimated 200,00 pony journey were made in 2015 down from 280,00 in the previous year.

Unacceptable amount of spider found in cheese

EU courts have ordered cheesemakers to reduce the amount of spider content to 1.8% by the 2017.

Currently cheese is allowed to contain 2% small spiders or 1.9% medium sized spiders. However a recent study carried out by the Independent Cheese Regulators(ICR) found that one in five samples of cheese found on the high street contained above average levels of spider. Mr David Chalk a representative of ICR stated “Spider is regularly added to cheese to add flavour and those little bits you get in fancy cheeses. However large amounts of spiders have been known to contribute to eyesight problems and type 2 Diabetes”.

If the EU courts rule if favour of the spider reduction, cheesemakers will be forced to reduce the amount spider content or face heavy fines.